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Look at what is going on around you and take notice

The concept of SEE is to start taking stock of what is around you– in your personal space and the environment; all that you come into contact with. Look at the everyday items that you use and touch, the actions taking place that you may not have noticed before or may have taken for granted. When you stop for a brief moment to appreciate what nature and the world has to offer, you will have a better opportunity to see first-hand how you are having an impact each day.Butterfly puzzle

When you open your eyes and look at experience from a new perspective, you finally get a chance to see all the pieces that have been missed in the puzzle of life.  Your focus then gets turned toward the challenges and issues that you can change and help inspire, instead of becoming overwhelmed by the big picture. Being able to make small differences is just the start in being the solutionary that the world needs.

This shift can grow a seed inside you that can then be passed on to others in your circle of friends, or possibly those you meet on your journey of life. By taking a moment to SEE what the possibilities are, you are already making a conscious choice to make that change for the better; the better you, for a better world, toward your better self.

SEE Activities & Lesson Plans

How Emotions Are Expressed: An activity using the process of observation and what is already know from our own human emotional expression, to deduce what conclusion may be drawn from canine body movements.

1_How Emotions Are Expressed_Activity


Empathy Through Humane Education Shoes: This lesson takes participants and places them in the middle of the lesson, by allowing them to ‘put themselves in a non-human animal’s shoes’. By showing an example, making them act out an example, and then telling them a story, it shows them all sides of ‘the shoes’ they are trying to gain perspective of.

2_Empathy Through Humane Education_Activity

2_Theos_STORY_Peace Ridge

Leaf Observation Activity: By being able to see nature up close and visualize the difference in all the moving parts, it gives a different perspective as to what little changes can be made, as well as how closely people may look over the details sometimes.

3_Leaf Observation Activity

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