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Listen to what the world and non-human animals are communicating

One of the most important actions we can take as shared beings on this planet is stopping for a moment to listen to what everyone else has to say. It may not be in the form of a language we may know or understand, or even a language at all, but everything and everyone has something they are trying to say in their own right; feelings and emotions being expressed in the manner that they know best. It is said that certain insects and plants even have forms of communicative abilities that get shared through pheromones/chemicals and touch. No matter what the venue of transfer may be, there is always some sort of message being sent and delivered, that we as a human species need to be aware of. We need to understand that we are not the only beings out here who can speak our minds and think for ourselves; we are not the only ones who lead full, rich lives, and we are not the only ones that we should be paying all of our attention to if we want to create a sustainable future for our planet.

Hearing does not just have to be done with your ears, but also with your hearts and open minds. Just listening to what others are responding to and how they feel in moments of high emotion, can show that you are really trying to HEAR what they are saying. With the height of the internet and digital technology, people are using their physical voice less and less, instead speaking through their digital selves more and more. This does not mean that they have a limited amount to say or should be dismissed for their arguments on topics they are passionate about. Instead, we just need to understand how people are choosing to communicate, and then learn to listen in more ways than one. There also needs to be a new form of hearing taking place as miscommunication is easier when we have to make our own interpretation of what the content intends to mean.

By practicing our hearing techniques and coming to a consensus on what to interpret by non-human animal actions and emotions, we can gain a better sense of what they may truly be trying to tell us and how we can help as humans in their presence. If it is in nature, the elements could easily be telling us they just want to be left alone, or a companion could be telling us they love the care and attention they receive. A magnitude of responses could be shared that hopefully with a little bit of listening and perceptive response, we will someday decipher for better care of those who share this world with us.


HEAR Activities & Lesson Plans

Solutionary Says, “Draw This”…: By listening to what the instructor (solutionary) is trying to tell you during the activity, you are not only testing out you deep listening skills, but also using your inductive reasoning skills to figure out what the final product should be.

1_Solutionary Says_DRAW THIS_Activity

1_Page of Suggested Imagery

Questions Only Challenge: By changing how you normally get to the heart of a conversation, you instead have to think about what the other person is trying to say and reformulate your questions for better understanding when only questions are involved. By using humane education related topics, it can also give you a better understanding of communication with harder to discuss discussion topics.

2_Questions Only Challenge

Inspirational Poem Activity: Not everyone is going to be able to express themselves in the same manner, but by taking some people out of their comfort zone with poetry, will help them get to the root of what they are hearing form others, when they are speaking passionately about humane education related topics.

3_Inspirational Poem Activity

Activity of the Senses: Meditation, mindfulness and the like. These are all things that people are turning to when trying to find peace and clarity in themselves; but how about using these principles to help bring peace to the world around us. By stopping and listening to what the world around us is saying during the average day, we can gain better knowledge of what we are trying to save and where we can start in the fight for change.

4_Activity of the Senses