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He Befriended 4,000 Dogs to Get Their Side of the Story

By, Winnie Hu (Nov. 11, 2018_The New York Times)

Befriend Dogs


Saving giant pandas: China launches a make-or-break experiment to prevent the animals’ extinction

By, Robyn Dixon (Nov. 5, 2018_Los Angeles Times)










Why Students Should Learn to Be Kind to Animals

By, Julie O’Connor (October 31, 2018_Education Week Spotlight)

Be kind to animals__Getty


Flying With Emotional Support Animals: The Ups and Downs of Life in Coach

By, Christine Calder (November 19, 2018_The Conversation)

Flying with animals

Which Emotions Do Dogs Actually Experience?

By, Stanley Coren__Illustration By, Kim Smith (n.d._Modern Dog Magazine)

Modern Dog Pic

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