Mary Oliver


The ideas and beliefs behind ‘See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil’ bring with them negative thoughts of turning a blind eye to what wrongs are being done, not listening to the negative things being said, and not speaking up for what is right. The point of ‘SEE, HEAR, SPEAK’ is to change that mentality in people’s mindsets and open them up to the possibility of making change a reality.

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The idea for this type of project has always sat at the back of my mind. Realizing that there are many people out there who don’t know how to get involved or even recognize that stepping in and taking action is needed is the true driving force behind activism. When seeing the phrase ‘See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil,’ the first thing that comes to mind is how there is not a single piece of the phrase that gets people motivated to make a difference. Being such a well-known work, it is evading in its true origin and meaning. By turning it into a positive movement and educational space, it gives it life and a greater purpose. ‘SEE, HEAR SPEAK’ is just close enough for people to remember it, but not enough for them to keep the negative feeling that the original phrase possesses.

This project is important as a space for knowledge on non-human animal emotions, HAI, and animal welfare to be explored and shared. They will be presented in various manners for differing depths of understanding and application, as well as the space itself will be available for visitors to connect to other organizations where further information can be gained and connections with other people can be made. There seems to be a lack in the topic of non-human animal emotions, where people can’t easily find the information that they seek. Most animal advocates will tell you that they ‘know’ non-human animals possess emotions of their own and that this alone should give them better welfare rights and living conditions. A site like this will share further proof of why this is so, show them how to educate others, and will also show skeptics how to find the true answers of how these emotions can be proven. It will also aid in a movement of like-minded individuals gathering to connect and learn how to educate others on important non-human animal issues.

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