4 Areas of Social Justice

4 areas of Social Justice

The four areas of social justice (animal protection, human rights, environmental ethics, culture & change) can be improved based on our habits, treatment, and beliefs toward non-human animals. Focusing on how each of the components connects to non-human animal protection can assist in finding and developing solutionary changes. The first step to true change involves increasing education on the emotional capability of non-human animals, what human animals and non-human animals have in common, and what steps can be taken to improve the lives of all with the most good, least harm (MOGO) mindset. Creating a world of solutionaries is possible, and not out of our reach. If we just keep in mind the connectedness of all things in this world, it makes the big picture less of a struggle to overcome; knowing that the little parts we play are important to the bigger picture in the end.

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