Welcome to SEE, HEAR, SPEAK!

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‘SEE, HEAR, SPEAK’ has the main purpose of inspiring people to notice and think about the world around them and to help them get involved in the topics they are passionate about. This could be something as small as a written campaign passed among friends on the internet or something as large as a local protest stopping the mistreatment of non-human animals; either way, we hope to encourage people to look around at the world they live in, listen to one another, inclusive of all species no matter how great or small, and speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

The main focus of this website is to illuminate the connection between humane education and awareness of non-human animal emotions, and to show viewers just how important each living being is to our lives and the world as a whole. The idea of ‘SEE, HEAR, SPEAK’ can be expanded through any form of humane action and activism. All that is needed is one person to start a movement.


Our Mission is: 

To inspire hearts and minds to open through the senses of seeing and hearing thus increasing the power of voice.




The history of this project starts with changing the ideas and beliefs associated with the adage, ‘See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil’. This phrase brings with it negative thoughts of not acknowledging what wrongs are being done around us, not listening to the negative things being said about happenings in the world, and not speaking up for what is right. The point of ‘SEE, HEAR, SPEAK’ is to change that language use and perception by shifting mindsets and staying open to the possibility of making change a reality. By turning this phrase into a positive movement and educational space, it gives it life and a greater purpose than envisioned before. Topics will be brought together cohesively to aid in the movement of like-minded individuals, collectively educating themselves and learning how to educate others on important humane education concerns, specifically non-human animal issues.

The topics presented will be based on non-human animal emotions (also referred to as animal or mammal), human-animal interaction (HAI; also referred to as human-animal bond), and animal welfare. Clear definitions will help explain their importance throughout the process and show how ‘SEE, HEAR, SPEAK’ can help aid in identifying how each have a positive effect of change in the world. They will be used as a construct to help weave ideas and themes together throughout our journey.

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